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Process Optimzation
Customer Experience

Client Testimonials

“Jess played an integral role in shaping Fiveable's market expansion strategy. Her expertise in the edtech industry was evident from the start, and she created a comprehensive market landscape that was critical to the success of the project. Jess also built a dynamic scoring tool that ranked each opportunity against our strategic priorities and provided us with a clear roadmap.

The final recommendation slides that Jess created exceeded our expectations. We presented the strategy to our board with confidence, knowing that we had conducted a thorough review of the market and our decisions were grounded in data.
We are grateful for Jess' help and highly recommend her services to any early-stage edtech company seeking a strategic partner.”

Amanda DoAmaral

Founder & CEO, Fiveable

“Jess has an eye that takes a seed pitch deck to the next level. She not only grasped our vision, she guided us in the most professional manner all along the journey until we felt comfortable and confident to send out our deck.
Her expertise in edtech fundraising was invaluable. Jess provided us with multiple rounds of actionable feedback and her design knowledge was a huge help!
We are grateful for her support and recommend Jess to any early-stage edtech founder preparing to fundraise.”

Kim Normand Dobrin

Founder & CEO, Free the Mind

Services for Startup Leaders

Process Optimization

Jess helps businesses with operations process creation, documentation, implementation, and optimization. She specializes in writing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working cross-collaboratively to define service-level agreements (SLAs). Jess can save your team time and money by creating company wikis in Notion, cleansing HubSpot and SalesForce CRM data, integrating Zapier automations into existing workflows, and building financial models to identify opportunities for margin expansion. 

Customer Experience

Jess builds onboarding processes and customer support functions from the ground up to deliver best-in-class customer satisfaction (CSAT) and NPS outcomes. She designs robust support resources that transform institutional knowledge into detailed self-service FAQs, automated chatbot flows, and rigorous live agent training. Jess is familiar with customer service platforms like Zendesk and is knowledgable about the various support needs of K-12 and higher education stakeholders.

Market Resesarch

Jess blends quantitative and qualitative research methods to improve user experiences and inform long-term company strategies. Her in-depth and empathic approach to customer interviews gets to the root of pain points and provides product roadmap clarity. In addition to gathering data from public sources and industry reports, Jess leverages her personal network of education SMEs and exclusive access to her online community of 500+ teachers who provide feedback on edtech products .

Market Research

Featured Clients

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Work with Jess

Seed & Series A Fundraising

Jess has designed and edited hundreds of successful pitch decks.


She leverages her own experience as both a founder and investor to craft compelling narratives for companies seeking their first rounds of funding.


As an early-stage edtech scout for Reach Capital, Jess has developed a nuanced understanding of exactly what venture capital firms look for in a Seed / Series A deck and can help you master the pitch.​

Work with Jess

Do you have a high-impact project that could accelerate your startup's growth but always seems to get pushed to the back burner? Partner with Jess to drive this project across the finish line and increase margins, retain customers, impress your board, or raise your next round.

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