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EdTech Builder & Investor

Jess Stokes is a strategic edtech leader with teaching experience and an MBA from Wharton. Her background in education combined with an analytical skillset honed in investment banking uniquely position her to drive innovation in edtech. As a startup operator, Jess has led successful process optimization initiatives that have resulted in significant cost savings and leveraged her industry knowledge to shape product strategy.

Areas of Expertise

SOP / SLA Creation, Billing Management (Stripe), CRM Customization (HubSpot, SalesForce), LMS Integrations, Account Provisioning & Rostering

Onboarding, Customer Service SaaS Implementation (Zendesk, Intercom), Community Management, Learner Support & Engagement, Funnel Analysis

Market Sizing, UX Research, Competitive Analysis, Industry Mapping

The Faculty Lounge is Jess' exclusive research community of 500+ teachers.

Pitch Deck Reviews & Redesigns, Competition Applications, VC Target Lists

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Jess Stokes has always been passionate about learning - in elementary school, she aspired to read every book in the library.

As an undergraduate in the University of Pennsylvania psychology honors program, Jess became curious about learning differences and conducted a 2-year research study on ADHD in teens.


Jess spent her early career teaching at a PK-12 school in Philadelphia. She was inspired by the positive impact teachers were making on the lives of their students and decided to pursued her MBA at Wharton to explore the potential of technology to scale positive learning experiences.

In business school, Jess immersed herself in the startup ecosystem by launching Wonder Academy - an entrepreneurship education platform for girls. She also completed internships in investor roles across venture capital, private equity, and investment banking.


 Jess started her operations career at a Series A startup (Subject) that raised $34.7m to produce accredited online courses for K-12 schools. She now works with edtech leaders in a consulting capacity and teaches entrepreneurship at Wonder Academy schools in Los Angeles.


Connect with Jess

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